The Lemon Twigs

as long as we’re together featured heavily in new movie trailer

New movie “How It Ends” features a plethora of stars and a not-so-subtle usage of classic Lemon Twigs track “As Long As We’re Together.” Watch the trailer below.

Beautiful Riverside Park after the thunderstorm this afternoon

The pictures dont do it justice. it was very green sfter the thunderstorm. You’ll just have to take my word.

Art Garfunkel discusses his critics

Art Garfunkel responds to a few of his critics.

Live Concert Announced

Live Concert Announced

The Lemon Twigs will be performing an outdoor show at Elsewhere in Bushwick on August 18th. Tickets are on sale now.

Phil Spector

Live Video Of “Hell On Wheels” Out Now

Live Video of “Hog” Out Now

New Music Video “Moon” Out Now

The Lemon Twigs Cover Daniel Johnston’s “Scuttle Butt”

New Official Lemon Twigs Merchandise Available

Hi everybody. Brian here. I know you’re hungry for Lemon Twigs merch. You’ve worn out that black Do Hollywood-era Ozzy logo shirt so much that you can no longer read what it says. Luckily, we’ve made some new shirts, available below. As if that wasn’t enough, the incredible artist Richard Sanchez made a limited edition poster for us which we’ll sign. Perfect to hang up in any room in your house. Link below.